Castle for Lego Knights


At one time my Nephew was into the Lego Knights theme.   When he informed me of his plans to buy the $100+ Lego castle, I convinced him the we could build a better one, this is the result.  In order to design the castle the Lego figures had to be measured and allowances made for their equipment, in addition, several pieces of support equipment had to be designed.

The lower castle walls are aspen topped with 1/4" plywood walkways and crenellations.  The corner towers are solid blocks topped with more crenellations.   The central keep is a box-jointed box topped with plywood and even more crenellations, the keep is also removable.  Also attached to the keep are two rotating catapult emplacements that fire marbles for ordinance.

The catapults were a lot of fun to build, they had to be de-tuned over the original design to keep them from being too long-ranged; as is, I can launch a marble about 12 feet with these.  In addition to these catapults, I made a few  wagon mounted units (for the besieging force)..

The drawbridge works, it uses a common hinge and a single piece of string wound around a shaft attached to the control located the the left side in this view.


Lego Castle