Current Shop Tour

An ongoing saga, a tour of my most recent shop.  This was the shop seen in America's Best Home Workshops volume 3 by Wood magazine.

Caution - several big pictures

WorkBench A tour of my workbench.
Building a New Workshop I am building a new woodworking shop.  Open up for a peek into the design process and to offer any suggestions as well as follow the building progress.
Shop Tool Inventory This is an inventory of the shop tools I consider to be the minimum required in order to build furniture and other woodworking projects in a timely manner.
Words of Wisdom A compilation of "lessons learned", opinions, and FAQ’s aimed primarily at novice woodworkers on shop related matters that I have garnered over the past few years.
Shop Tour 1 This is configuration of my old 2 car garage shop.  This layout worked well but like all shops, you can't have too much space and there is always room for improvement.
Shop Tour 2 This is the same shop as above after the addition of a European combination machine.
A collection of several sorts of jigs I've made or use in the shop:
LittleRat Jigs The LittleRat is a natural jig platform.  While the original design is quite flexible in itself, jigs can be built for the system that either improve upon the concept or make certain operations easier. 
Legacy Mill Jigs A few jigs and modifications I use with the Legacy Ornamental Mill.
Shop Aids A generic collection of various shop-related items including but not limited to jigs.
Dial Indicator Jigs A small collection of jigs that use dial indicators.
Vacuum Base Jigs A few jigs that use a vacuum to work.
Carts A page for some of the shop carts I've built.