Chair Side Chest

I built this chair side chest immediately after building four other living room pieces that included the coffee table seen elsewhere on this site.  Some of the components are actually spares and scrap left over from the other pieces.  By this time I had learned to cut and apply shop-made veneer correctly.

Although the construction appears to be frame and panel, it is not except for the back.  The sides began as a veneered piece of plywood onto which other pieces of various thickness' were glued to to achieve the frame and panel look.  This was done in order to simplify the construction of the interior and as an experiment.

There are five graduated drawers, the smallest of which has a custom made divider system for holding pencils and other similar items.  The wood used is Maple with shop-made Birds-eye Maple veneer.  The pulls are made of Walnut with a lighter wood as the "eye".  The finish is Aniline dye and lacquer.