Chest of Drawers




I built this chest of drawers in 1998. The overall style is basically Moravian which is somewhat similar to the Shaker style. It is made of Maple hardwood except for the back panel, drawer bottoms, case bottom, and the top substrate.

The top is veneered with Birdseye Maple that I cut into veneer myself and was left over from another project. To hide the substrate edges it is banded with solid Birdseye Maple on all sides.

The case sides are fairly conventional frame and panel, the back is also frame and panel with plywood used as the panel material. The bottom is plywood, due to the face frame it cannot be seen. The case sits on a pediment base that is through dovetailed on all four corners. The face frame looks conventional but in the building process the stiles were attached to the sides. When the case was assembled, the rails were attached to the inside of the stiles from the interior; at that point the face frame became indistinguishable from a conventional one. This case does not incorporate a dust panel between the drawer bays.

The drawers are all different sizes for aesthetic reasons. The drawer boxes are made with through dovetails on all four corners, the front of the boxes have a profiled 3/8" thick front applied. All the drawer boxes except the top pair have cedar panels laid into the bottom, the top drawers have cork applied to a plywood substrate. The drawers ride on a conventional side runner and kicker glide system.

The finish is water based aniline dye stain with two coats of Deft gloss and semi-gloss (each) lacquer sprayed with a conventional gun. This project took me about 100 hours to design and build.