Husky 3 in 1 X-Horse


The Husky X-horse is a small folding work platform or saw-horse. It consists of the folding leg assembly and the optional top. It provides a platform at a height of 31". When folded, it is only a few inches thick making it easy to store flat against a wall. The legs pivot about a central post to fold and unfold. When unfolded, it forms an X that is about 24" square. The plastic table area is actually smaller than this the expose the tops of the legs. The Husky X-horse weighs in at around 15 pounds, a bit lighter than it looks making it very portable. The reason for this is that it is constructed using lightweight plastic and aluminum extrusions. Rubber coated pads on the feet keep it in place unless a good side force is applied. The platform could be used to hold a variety of tools like chop-saws and such. Many tools would have to be secured to the top to keep them in place. When unfolded on level ground it is a fairly stable platform. Due to the design of the cross braces on the feet and the lack of adjustment RANGE, the Husky X-horse would not be stable on unleveled ground which is unfortunate because it effectively limits it to level areas.

V-notches are formed into the top leg sections. These are to help hold object like conduit or similar items for cutting an such. Several round holes perforate the top, it isn't clear what these are for, perhaps dog holes. Pilot holes are also present on the top leg braces for attaching your own top material up to 32" by 36" in size. The stand as a whole is very sturdy, capable of supporting up to 750lbs.

The Husky X-horse is more portable than it appears (to me). I find that it is easier to carry than even folding saw horses, less likely to bang into things when carried, and more stable on level ground. Priced at around $36 is it a pretty decent value as well. If you are considering buying one of these, I recommend getting two to make larger work platforms. I have only one (now) and sometimes wish I had another for this reason.

In the interest of full disclosure Husky provided this product to facilitate this review.