LittleRat Dovetails

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LittleRat Cutter Comparison

This is a comparison between the LittleRat using the WoodRat HSS cutters and two other common dovetail jigs.  On the left are two joints cut with the Leigh jig depthed for a half-blind drawer.  In the middle are two of the WoodRat cutters, the one closest to the edge was the one used to cut these particular samples.

On the right are two joints cut with a common "cookie cutter" half blind jig.  All these joints were made with the jigs set to their minimum separation; the cookie cutter jig of coarse is not variable in this regard.

It is probably pretty obvious that the WoodRat cutters produce a noticeably more aesthetic and slender joint, more like what one would find on hand cut joints.  It should be noted also that the same WoodRat cutter could be depthed even further which only increases the hand cut look.  Also noticeable is how puny and fake looking the cookie cutter joints look compared to either of the other types.