Ridgid Flip Top Tool Stand


The Ridgid Flip Top tool stand is fairly simple.   There are a pair of folding legs attached to a central column.  The pivoting top mounted to a post allows it to be set at some desired height to support a workpiece.   The device is so simple a review of it is pretty short and boring but I believe you may find the information useful.

The tips of the legs have rubber tips to keep the unit from sliding around.  The post has a single clamping lever to hold the desired height setting.  The top itself can be placed in a "float" position or set relatively stable in the flat position (shown) by the use of a pin underneath the table. 

In Use
The stand stores easily and is pretty compact folded.  It is light and easy to operate as well.  To set the height one simply loosens the lever and moves the post and re-tightens the lever.  There are no detents or rack and pinion gears to move the post, it's all manual.  As an aid in setting the height, I've marked the post for certain machine heights - no need to figure this out more than once is there.

RidgidStandHero.gif (25823 bytes)
I normally use the stand with the top set flat.   The top is balanced so that it will float with the far side tipped up when the pin is removed.  This is helpful when the item needing of support droops before hitting the stand, like moulding or thin plywood for instance.  In this mode, when the stock hits the top it will pivot to the flat position as needed.
I've been using a variety of things to perform the same function as this device, I've also at times simply done without.  A support stand is so simple that one might be tempted to roll their own instead of purchasing one.  While any careful reader of this site may realize that I like to build shop aids, I chose not to in this case.  The reasons for this are quite simple.
  1. This works well.
  2. It only cost $30.

Before getting this I did toy with the idea of building a proper unit myself.  In the end I just couldn't see putting the time in to build a $30 tool that I could just buy that would be at least as good as and certainly lighter than anything I would build.  It would be pretty hard to go wrong with this purchase.