Legacy Rotary Table

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Legacy sells a rotary table that is gear driven by a crank, this unit sells for about $250.  Although it looks like the table they offer is made well enough it seems a little over priced for what it offers over a simple shop-made version.  For less than $200 one can buy a precision Asian-rim 6" or 8" machinist rotary table made of metal that is accurate to fractions of a degree.  Of coarse these tables are not set up to run on the Legacy however they could easily be adapted and they offer some particular advantages that the Legacy device couldn't even dream of providing.  Below is an example of one of these devices. 

Truth be told though, the Legacy isn't really very good at making rosettes which would probably be the primary use of such a table.  There are several factors which make this true and some form of crank table as shown below will make the process easier and better, however its a very tedious, frustrating, and prone to error process.

Rotary Table for metalworking use