Mortise Rail - Vise

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Since I leave the Mortise Rail on the Rat by default, I needed a means of holding stock that is more like the OEM clamp. This whole setup is not ideal but it gets the job done. I don't know if it is any more accurate than the OEM clamp but it probably does require more effort to use and align when installed.

Vise 90

This is an improvement over the design of the Vise I made previously. The old design was at a fixed height relative to the base plate and could not be adjusted or shifted in position. This design allows the vise to be installed at any height along the vertical track in its vertical orientation. The vise can also be installed flat like the previous one but it can be adjusted to or away from the face of the Mortise Rail as well.

This dual orientation of the vise is quite handy, it provides many of the functions of the OEM miter box but is much easier to operate and position stock. The vise itself is mounted on a plywood base which allows it to be installed in this dual orientation. I've installed some spacer blocks on either side of the vise to keep stock away from the vise screw, these also ensure stock is flat relative to the vise. The rods which keep the jaws parallel when moved have been lowered to increase the throat capacity a little more. The handle end of the vise is fixed, the other end floats. To keep the entire vise firmly fixed in place a small block retains the end of the screw.

Vise Flat
Vise Holder

This is a view of the platform that hold the vise flat. It is basically a big block of wood that attaches to the face of the Mortise Rail via the tracks. Attached to its top are two more tracks that are spaced the same as the tracks in the Mortise Rail. The block doesn't need to be solid but it does need to provide these large sturdy surfaces to mount to the MR and to mount the vise itself.