Triton Router used on the LittleRat

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Since doing the review of the Triton router, I have received several emails with questions regarding installing the router to the LittleRat / WoodRat, this article is basically the story behind this particular installation.

First, for a couple of reasons, the Triton is a good choice to install on the Rat however there are some issues involved.  The first issue is that in order to get access to the automatic spindle lock feature, the spindle needs to protrude past its base.  Because the opening in the Rat baseplate narrows this cannot be done except near the start of the movement.

AboveView.gif (94800 bytes)

I list the baseplate opening as issue #1 because as you can see the dust shield pretty much prevents one from changing bits from above the base.  One could remove the shield but I would prefer to keep it as it works pretty well.  Also, without enlarging the base opening, depending upon what operation is being performed, one may not have access to the position of the stroke where the spindle lock would engage.

RemoveLines.jpg (25368 bytes)

In order to fix the first issue, I enlarged the opening in the rat baseplate.  Pictured here you can see the amount that needs to be removed highlighted.  I used a router table to perform this operation, the baseplate material machines well.

The amount removed is relatively small and it didn't appear to weaken the plate any.

The Triton router is attached just like any other router would be.  The cast aluminum plate on mine was not as flat as I would like so I did spend a few moments sanding it flat.  The reason for this is that if it were not flat it would bend the phenolic plate that is attached to it and perhaps affect the sliding operation.

This is a view from underneath the Rat baseplate with the Triton fully plunged.  The Rat adds almost 3/4" to the base of the router so there is very little room left but this should suffice to be able to operate the collet.

The Triton is a little overkill power wise for what you would probably need on the Rat but too much is better than not enough.  The winder mode of operations is a very nice feature to have on this sort of fixture as well.

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