Ridgid  R2720 Belt Sander Modification


The Ridgid R2720 is a good sander with one failing, you can't easily hook a vacuum up to it.  The collection bags on any belt sander I've ever seen or used always do a less than adequate job of dust collection compared to a vacuum setup.  A vacuum hose makes the tool a little more unwieldy but the benefits far outweigh the problems.

In order to fix this issue with the R2720 I decided to try and hook it up to my shop vac which has an automatic turn on feature when the tool in use is plugged into it.

I started by removing the bag from the fitting inside it which is a twist-lock connection to the sander body.   Once this was removed I decided that the twist-lock feature was nice to have and instead of replication one, I chose to use the OEM as the base for a hose adapter.

To get the 90 degree bend for a good hose orientation I tried a 1.5" PVC pipe elbow which was a close fit.  With a minimum of sanding it went into the twist lock section.  Instead of relying on a glued connection I tapped a couple of small 4-40 screws through the parts to hold them in place.

A little sanding with a Dremel tool on the elbow outlet produced the appropriate snug fit required for the shop vac hose end.

Although the modification isn't as pretty as an OEM part, it does work very well and only required a few minutes worth of effort to accomplish, well worth the time.