Ridgid OF45150 Oil Free Air Compressor


The Ridgid OF45150 oil free air compressor is a small portable air compressor system primarily suited for site work running air nailers and the like. The system is ready to go right out of the box requiring no air fittings or assembly. It is driven by a powerful induction motor (3.25hp peak, 1.8hp running) filling a 4.5 gallon twin tank layout.

The pump used is an oil free design which means that it will not contaminate the lines with oil. This is important for oil-less tools, paint spray guns, and to keep surfaces free of contaminants when blow guns are used. Tools requiring oil for proper operation can still be used with the compressor, they need to be oiled prior to operation (by putting a few drops down their connector {which is normal}). The maximum pressure of the system is 150psi. Air delivery is rated at 6.2scfm at 90psi which is pretty respectable.

In Use
The motor and pump are fairly quiet with no jarring sound when it comes on. The few controls are well laid out. The protective roll cage has a flat panel to which the air pressure gauges and regulator are attached. The gauges display both tank and line pressure. The power switch is located in a housing atop the motor. The system is plumbed with two automotive style press-on / pull-off connectors (which I prefer) and are easy to operate. The tank is also equipped with a drain petcock. The roll cage is also equipped with rubber feet, this keeps it from dancing away when used.

The system weighs in at around 70 pounds so it is portable. The roll cage has a grab handle for carrying. I found that due to its weight and balance it was a little ungainly to portage to the job site but I guess I would rather do this that put up with a lighter, less durable system that couldn't keep up. If I had to cart this around every day, I eventually mounted the unit to a dolly to make it more portable

With air delivery of 6.2cfm the OF45150 is a little under rated for use with a full size conventional spray gun but this is actually the first tool I used with the compressor and it worked as well as my 5hp, 60gallon tank system, it just cycled more to keep up. The 6.2cfm rating is the best I've seen in this class, most top out at around 4-5cfm, many are even less. This compressor will easily run two air guns at once.
Compressed air is almost as useful as electricity and no shop should be without it. Although the OF45150 is designed as a portable unit, many woodworkers use systems like this for their permanent shop air supply due to the high cost of the larger systems. Although a large tank system would be ideal, due to the great air delivery specifications and induction motor, the OF45150 would make a good candidate for this application.

The OF45150 has a high level of fit and finish and appears to be quite durably made. It does a great job of keeping up with everything likely to be found on the job site or woodworking shop, even spray guns. The regulator and connections work well and won't break the budget; what more can you ask of an air compressor?

In the interest of full disclosure Ridgid provided this product to facilitate this review.