Ridgid OF45150 Air Compressor Dolly


The Ridgid OF45150 is a good compressor but a little on the heavy side.  It is actually "portable", you just don't want to have to do a lot of it.  In order to make the unit a little more mobile and avoid having to lift it as much as possible, I mounted the entire thing on a cheap dolly.

The compressor is attached with simple hose clamps from the frame of one to the other.  This does not end up being a very balanced load as seen here but it keeps all the markings and operating points the same as if it were not mounted to anything.

In addition to just putting it on a mobile platform I wanted to have room for storage of a few accessories.  I attached a piece of OSB plywood using conduit clamps.  To this I mounted a wooden block to hold blow guns and the like along with some cleats to hold coiled hoses.  There is also a cleat on the back for an extension cord.

It isn't the most beautiful setup but it works and has saved my back more than once.