Hammer B3

This is an accumulation of Hammer B3 related information.

Hammer B3

Hammer B3
A review of the Hammer B3 and comparison between it and other machines; also includes the reasoning behind my selection.
New Rip Fence Installation of a new rip fence for the Hammer B3 / K3.
A description of jigs used with, or minor modifications of the Hammer B3 I have made.  This page will take a while to load.
Extension Table An extension table with provision for a router insert and storage.
Rip Fence Options for European Tablesaws A look at the options for installing an aftermarket rip fence onto European style tablesaws.
Incra Crosscut Fence Installation Easy installation of an Incra crosscut fence.
Riving Knife
A modification of the riving knife adapter plate along with a blade guard and throat plate change.
Outrigger Attachment
A minor modification describing a new attachment for the outrigger table to the sliding table.
Hammer & Felder A general description of the differences between the Hammer and Felder line of machines.
Cabinet Saw versus a Euro Tablesaw This article is intended to detail the differences between a European Tablesaw (Hammer K3) and a typical Cabinet saw system.
Electronic files related to the Hammer B3


CAD File CAD drawing of the basic B3 in DWG format (zip)

CAD File

CAD drawing of the basic B3 in DXF format (zip)
Bore Diagram The "unofficial" blade bore diagram to use when getting a non-European saw blade machined to fit onto the Hammer or Felder saw arbor.  (pdf)
B3 Electrical
This is a schematic of the B3 electrical system.  I drew this when troubleshooting my machine, the Company schematic is okay but not 100% correct technically.  (zip)