Woodworking with CAD

The following is a series of articles dealing with the use of Computer Aided Drafting / Design software; in particular, how it can be used in woodworking.  My intent is to explain generally what can be done using low end 2D CAD software, describe simple methods of work to try and make the process easier to grasp, and to walk through a sample project using CAD.

Due to the differences in how various CAD software packages operate I won’t even try to describe how exactly any one in particular would operate on a step-by-step basis.  My intent is not to describe how to draw a line; it's to show at a GENERIC level the BASIC concepts on how one COULD use this tool for woodworking.

Chapter I


Chapter II

Getting Organized

Chapter III

Dimensioning Part I

Chapter IV


Chapter V

Before You Draw

Chapter VI

Feasibility Study

Chapter VII


Chapter VIII

Using Symbols

Chapter IX

Fork in the Road

Chapter X

2D Stack-Up

Chapter XI


Chapter XII

Dimensions Part 2

Chapter XIII

Shop Drawings

Chapter XIV

What Do I Use?

Chapter XV